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About Ski Trip Preserver

We help keep vacation dreams alive.

You’ve been planning this vacation for months, maybe even years, and just before you leave, a family member is hospitalized. Or maybe your company decided to transfer you to the new office on the other side of the country. Or more likely, you’ve been keeping an eye on a threatening storm, or a disappointing snowfall in the Rockies, and it’s starting to look like your plans will be affected.

Fortunately, the Ski Trip Preserver vacation rental travel insurance plan includes trip cancellation & trip interruption benefits that may reimburse you for pre-paid, non-refundable deposits as a result of unforeseen covered events.

We understand that vacation travel is full of hopes and dreams, as well as expenses. When the unexpected happens, we want to help you recover your pre-paid, non-refundable deposits made towards the planned vacation along with the ability to plan again.

Policy Highlights

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Ski Trip Preserver highlights:

  • Up to $100,000 reimbursement for rental costs
  • $200 per day ($750 maximum) for expenses related to trip delay such as hotel accommodations
  • Up to $25,000 medical expense coverage
  • Up to $525,000 in emergency medical evacuation coverage
  • $200 per day for Baggage Delay ($1000 maximum)
  • Up to $1250 for Loss, Theft or Damage to Baggage (including Sporting Equipment)

Ski Trip Preserver may reimburse for cancellation or interruption due to:

  • Lack of snowfall causing ski facility closure
  • Your destination vacation home is rendered uninhabitable by a natural disaster
  • Your primary residence or your traveling companion's primary residence is rendered uninhabitable by natural disaster
  • Sickness, injury or death of you, a family member, a traveling companion or a service animal

Ski Trip Preserver also provides:

  • Worldwide emergency assistance service*
  • Emergency roadside assistance service*

*Travel assistance services provided by the designated assistance provider

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers are provided to assist you in understanding your coverage. Conflicts between this document and the plan will be governed by the plan. If you don't see your question answered below, please call us at 1-866-889-7409 or send a message to

Our travel insurance plans are offered exclusively through the Vacation Rental Management Company you booked your reservation with. Please contact your Vacation Rental Management Company for details.
Your plan cost is based on the total price of your vacation rental cost. Please contact your Vacation Rental Management Company for details.
If you are filing a medical expense claim or a trip cancellation or trip interruption claim that is due to a medical situation, you will need to obtain a statement from the patient’s treating physician. You can download the Attending Physician's Statement form here.
Red Sky's Ski Trip Preserver plan may help protect you before your departure, during your trip, and on your return home, covering a range of unforeseen events that could cancel or interrupt your travel plans. Coverage includes trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delay, baggage delay, lost or stolen personal items, emergency accident and sickness medical expense and emergency evacuation, and 24-hour non-insurance assistance services.
Trip cancellation coverage may include financial reimbursement for your prepaid, non-refundable vacation rental costs when an unforeseen, covered event causes you to cancel your trip.
Trip interruption may include financial reimbursement for your unused, prepaid travel expenses and/or the additional airfare to return home, when an unforeseen covered event, from which you are protected under your plan, causes you to cut short your trip and return home ahead of schedule. This unforeseen covered event must occur after your plan effective date.
A Pre-Existing Medical Condition means an illness, disease, or other condition during the 60 day period immediately prior to the Effective Date of Your coverage for which You or Your Traveling Companion, Business Partner, Service Animal or Family Member: 1) received or received a recommendation for a test, examination, or medical treatment; or 2) took or received a prescription for drugs or medicine. Item (2) of this definition does not apply to a condition which is treated or controlled solely through the taking of prescription drugs or medicine and remains treated or controlled without any adjustment or change in the required prescription throughout the 60 day period before Your coverage is effective under this plan.
This is a provision that waives the pre-existing medical condition exclusion. To obtain the waiver you need to buy your Trip Preserver Plan within 21 days of your initial trip deposit. You or the individual with the Pre-Existing Condition must not be disabled from travel when you buy the plan. If you have specific questions, please call our coverage specialists at 1-866-889-7409.
If you incur and accidental injury while on your trip or a sickness that first manifests itself during your trip, you may be eligible for reimbursement of your covered medical expenses up to the maximum benefit amount in your plan.
Family Member means any of the following: Your or Your Traveling Companion’s legal spouse (or common-law spouse where legal), legal guardian or ward, son or daughter (adopted, foster, step or in-law), brother or sister (includes step or in-law), parent (includes step or in-law), grandparent (includes in-law), grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew, Domestic Partner, Caregiver, or Child Caregiver.
The best time to purchase the plan is when you make your initial trip deposit. To qualify for the pre-existing conditions exclusion waiver, the plan must be purchased within 21 days of your initial trip deposit. Your prompt purchase ensures that you are afforded the fullest protection provided by this plan.
You may cancel plan your plan and receive a full refund of premium paid by giving your property manager written notice within 14 days from the purchase date of your plan, provided you have not filed a claim under the plan or departed for your trip.
All claims forms are available online by clicking the “File a Claim” button at the top of this page. You can also find required documents listed on each claim form, which can be used as a convenient checklist for submitting your claim. If you need further information please call us at 1-866-889-7409 and one of our claims representatives will be happy to assist you.
The Ski Trip Preserver plan may protect you by providing reimbursement for pre-paid, non-refundable trip deposits in the event your trip is cancelled or interrupted if your resort has at least 75% of the trails closed from lack of snow, severe weather or trail conditions or natural disaster. Additionally, you must be unable to ski for 50% or more of your scheduled Trip duration in order for your trip to be considered cancelled, otherwise a benefit may be payable for each full 24 hour period in which you are unable to ski.
We may reimburse you in accordance with your plan provisions if your baggage, personal items or sporting equipment including, skis, snowboards or ski passes are permanently lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen; provided that you have taken all reasonable measures to protect, save and/or recover your property at all times.